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The New Affordable Health Monitoring Smartwatch Every Guy in the World is Talking About…

Wednesday 29th April, 2020

Have you imagined buying a smartwatch? But you’re unsure if you really need it? You hate how they look? Or you can’t really afford the high price tag? Then you should seriously consider this High-Quality, Classically styled GX Smartwatch.

The combination of the new age stressful lifestyle and the rise of physical inactivity due to the use of smartphones is the main cause why people are becoming more and more conscious of their overall well-being.

Did you know that insufficient physical activity is actually one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide as for 2019? Although being constantly aware of your own body and health might seem difficult, it’s not an excuse not to look after yourself. This revolutionary device is here to change your whole wellness routine!

What is it?

GX Smartwatch is made by an innovative tech company in San Francisco. They’ve blended amazing styling, with the latest tech stuff.

The build quality is superb. It really feels like a premium watch.

They made it tough too. The specially hardened aluminum shell and tempered touchscreen glass mean life’s bangs and bumps won’t scratch or break it.

In fact, GX SmartWatch was built with senior customers in mind. That’s why you can enjoy some great features like integrated mobile support, location GPS tracking, alerts for medications and Wi-Fi.

Why is GX Smartwatch so Popular?

It’s simple; people love how it looks! Until now every smartwatch was the same; a small square screen, with a feminine, fragile and boring design… No man wants to wear that!

GX Smartwatch is different. It’s classically styled for men. This state-of-the-art smartwatch has a stylishly classic, large, round, chrono-styled face.

Because it’s designed for men, it fits a man’s wrist much better! You can choose from a range of straps made from leather or steel, not rubber or plastic like the other brands.

GX Smartwatch just looks so much more strong, confident and classy than a plain, boring Apple watch. What do you get inside? A lot!

GX Smartwatch is packed with tons useful and potentially lifesaving functions, fitness features and health benefits:

✅ ECG, Heart rate, Blood pressure – Life saving 24/7 health and heart monitoring alerts

✅ State-of-the-art Fitness tracking – Get fit, get healthy and stay motivated

✅ Step counter – Set goals, hit them and lose weight fast just by walking!

✅ Sleep manager -Get woken up at the optimum time for you, so you feel fully rested!

✅ Calorie counter -Improve your diet and lose your excess weight!

✅ 380MAH Li-ion battery -Long life, super-efficient, less annoying recharges

✅ Big 1.3inch Display -HD clear, easy-to-read display, oversized for easy touch control

✅ Sedentary Warning – Tells you when to sit less and move more, making you healthier

✅ IP68 Water Resistant – Wear yours in the shower or pool workouts

✅ Take calls and notifications – Keep your phone safe in your pocket

 Sync to both iPhone and Android – Supports IOS and Andriod

✅ Control your music -The easiest way to change track and volume

✅ Anti-lost -Call your lost phone from your GX Smartwatch to find it fast

✅ Take a photo -Use your GX Smartwatch to take a photo on your smartphone

and much, much more!

GX Smartwatch is essentially a premium smartwatch AND a specialist health monitoring device in one handsome body.

It feels like having a personal trainer, assistant and life insurance policy, on your wrist!

One thing is for certain, once you try the GX Smartwatch, you’ll never want to go back to life without it!

What did our editorial team think?

“Fantastic build quality. An excellent smartwatch for those who care about their health. Certainly worth more than its price in this current market. You will not regret having this on your wrist.”
John Doe
“I love that it has good battery life and is waterproof. I’m sick of smartwatches that need charging daily and can’t go in the shower… I highly rate the the GX Smartwatch and was seriously impressed with its functions VS price. What a crazy bargain at under €200.″
John Doe
“Very comfortable, good battery, nice looking also! I run on the trails, do laps in the pool and hit the gym every day. The GX Smartwatch took a few heavy knocks during my test week – I was amazed there was not a scratch on it. If the discount price is still live, buy it.”
John Doe

How much does GX Smartwatch cost?

You would expect a watch this good to be anywhere between $300-600+. So the retail price of $199.99 is way below our expected range!

HOWEVER, do you know what’s better than paying the already good full $199.99 price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just $99. They also included FREE shipping, which is always nice!

That price seems very good when you consider big brand smartwatch models cost 3-5 times more… And of course, a similar-looking Swiss model will cost you an absolute fortune!

How can you get it?

You can get GX Smartwatch really easy. At the moment it’s available 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  1. Order GX Smartwatch from the official site.
  2. Enjoy all the features from the most expensive smartwatches for a fraction of the price.

GX SmartWatch: Get A Premium Smartwatch On A Budget

Get GX SmartWatch with 50% Discount & Free Shipping


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